A letter to customers who buy face shield

Dear Customer:


Recently, due to this epidemic, sales of face shield at our store have skyrocketed. We have been handing over the goods to the carrier within 48 hours after receiving the order according to the agreement, but there are many reasons why the goods are not delivered to you on time, and we will now explain the reasons to you:

* We received a FEDEX notice, they returned a batch of goods to us, because the flight could not be transported, they returned the goods, and transferred our goods to DHL for transportation, we have updated the tracking number, please check in the mailbox, To ensure that the goods can go through customs smoothly, special logistics companies will often change, please understand

1. Due to this epidemic, the customs department initially had more than 2,000 people inspecting the goods, but now there are only more than 100 people inspecting the goods. Usually, the customs clearance time is about 1 day, while the current customs clearance time is 7-20 days. In addition, at present in a special period, the customs and airports at the place of delivery and the place of receipt must carry out multiple and strict inspections of the product, which will greatly delay your receipt time. We also do not want to see this happen, and we have been actively contacting various departments to help you receive the goods as soon as possible, but we have never received an accurate answer.

2. Due to this epidemic, cargo flights to the United States and Europe have been greatly reduced or even cancelled. Now the number of freight flights does not even reach one-tenth of the original, so the transportation efficiency is much reduced, which leads to the accumulation of a large amount of goods in the warehouses of international transportation companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX. The goods need to be queued for transportation, which is also delayed delivery one of the reasons.

3.We have delivered the goods to the DHL warehouse. DHL shows that the goods have not been received because DHL requires customs clearance and transportation. After the goods pass the customs inspection, DHL will carry out the next transportation. We are not a scam. please believe us.

4. We are doing our best to solve the problem of cargo clearance. Hope to give us some time to deal with and communicate. There are hundreds of emails to reply every day, so the response time will be slower. I hope everyone will be patient and we will reply to your email as soon as possible. If you have a refund request, please contact our customer service staff first. If you directly contact the bank or Paypal to cancel our order, our store will be in trouble, and we will pay a high fine or even close the store. This is the work of all our staff, we do not want to waste everyone's hard work. Please communicate with us first, we will do our best to give a reasonable solution! Thank you!

Note: Due to the current international transportation situation, we cannot guarantee your delivery time. The specific time is mainly based on the inspection speed of the customs and other departments and the transportation time of the transportation company. Thank you all for your support and understanding.